Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year 2011!

It is New Year again and this time 2011 is 'the' number!!!!
A great combination of numbers,but the previous was as great after all.
It was lively with the adventurous memory, learnt some skills and etc...

Hopefully this very new year, I am able to portray a nicer entry for everyone to view.

What says you?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back from a long break ;)

Many things happened before,during and after my exam week. I have forgotten about the flow of these events but do not worry :)
I had captured bits of the memories and here goes ~

Time with Zhen and Soon at Zanmai during Soon's so call birthday celebration.

Chicken Katsudon~

Soon's dunno what ramen =.="

Inari xD

This was before we go back after our finals.
Had an outing with Wee at The Mines :)
Had Carl's Jr and watched clash of the titans~

Yum Yum :)

Chilli Beef fries xD

These are the times before finals ends...
Busy with project,studies and also celebrate Loo's 20th birthday :)

This bottle appears when having study stress xD

Our static project~

Loo's and his cake xD
And also egg cracking ceremony ~

On the 10th of February, Fish left to Australia...
Miss you!!!!!
Fucking come back la!!!

So these are the little bit of the memory I captured...How good if I can take everything down as a video?? That's not possible thought....too bad :)
But little is better then nothing xD
Anyways, hope to see these people soon :)
And also, I started my job at Adidas Originals in Sunway Pyramid. It is a job I will not introduce to anyone...let's say the employer sucks....too bad...anyways, I'll just take my pay and leave when it's time :)
So long for tonight~

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Udon works well with rain dance :)

Before I start telling story again, lets look at today's picture :)

Home cook Udon~

I don't know what happened to me today...all I did was sleeping haha! Woke up early in the morning so that dad can drop me at uni...was supposed to go to the 10am class but I slept in my room till its 11 haha! Became a sleepy head nowadays....
Mom was up early to prepare lunch for me...thx mom for the udon mee above :) much appreciate and it is real good~ nothing beats moma's cooking :P

Basically today is just as normal as usual just with a little extra which is taking care of the booth we set up for our carnival which will be held on Thursday. Really hope it will be a success cause we only manage to sell off 23 books of ticket out of 200....anyways...hope for the best and prepare for the worst!! Guys let's put in more effort tomorrow :)

Everything started when I was chatting with Shirleen on msn just now :P
As you know, nowadays the weather is so hot and it barely rains...then suddenly Shirleen told me that Subang is raining...and I asked her to bring some rain over :D
Sounds stupid eh?? Basically that is how and what we chat everyday :D
She suggested me to do the rain dance I did last time which really works, and I did!! Nothing happened!!!! So pissed...
The second thing I know, it was raining outside....I was eating my udon mee and rain dancing!!! It helps!!!! RAWR!!!! Witch Doctor John !!!! :D
Udon rox!!!! :D

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~ Its raining its raining~~~ lalalalala!!
Rain~ Please turn the heat down~~many thanks ya :)
But now I got to off my laptop cause it is thundering outside :O
Off I go :)

What says you??

PS: 1)Rain dancing is basically jumping up and down while listening to the music :D
2)Mr thunder please don't zap my lappie :) thanks!~

Sunday, March 7, 2010

1 2 step of happiness :)

First and foremost, I wanna thank Jess, Jolene and JJ for today :)
Was supposed to go church with them but I can't because I don't have transport during that time...I felt so bad because I promised Jess but I can't attend on the eleventh so sorry :(
But still....I kept my promised like a man rawr!! Went over to Jojo's Pan Mee shop for lunch and had the promised snowflakes together :)

There's a picture :P

Yummy-ness :)

Nowadays, I'm just hooked with snowflakes...can't get it off my mind...need weekly dose or I will be emo hahaha :P
Had real laugh during our time there,insult,laugh like nobody's business :P
And and I met a new friend too which is Jess and Jolene's cousin---JJ hahaha!!! Nice to meet you :P

Today I felt something different...I was anti social but what happened today just wake me up :)
Mixing with fun people are always fun :)
Need to keep those fun peoples around me hehe~
Now I can really feel my world is changing for the better ^^ thx guys~
Really hope to go out with you guys soon :)
Is the world starting to be fair for me??!?!
I will say not because....I MISSED ALARICE LIVE PERFORMANCE!!!!!! DAMN!!!!

There is always a better tomorrow :)
Pray for a better tomorrow and make tomorrow better :)

What says you?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today I did a good thing :)

As what the title said, I did something good today :D
Well, today I decided to take things differently, with walking around the uni....I found a handphone :D
So cool~~ and its an expensive one too~~
What should I do?? I asked myself...
And I decided to give it back to the owner of that phone :)
I didn't call anyone on the caller ID cause its private...I gave it back to the person which I knew from the caller ID :)
Everything is settled and I got a big thank you :)
Aren't that great??

And as usual, I miss her a lot :)
Eric, I appreciate your advises :) thx ^^
Still, there is so much things I wanna ask her...wanna tell to her....
I hope that one day I get the chance to ask her out :)

What says you??

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Has she given up?

The title really makes me think...spend every single moment thinking...
Why would we come down to that conclusion?? Why is she stop chatting with me as usual on msn??
Why are her responses so dull against me?? Why??.....

I'm a jackass to begin with...
The blames on me and I don't even care anymore...cause everything is crumbling down...

Sometimes I doubt what can the universe provide me instead of what I can providing for the universe?
Can this world be fair for me? Can it even change just a little....Is asking a little bit so hard to fulfill?? Is a little bit so much??

Why can't I get my answer??
I got finite questions but infinite answers...
Things have changed...and I couldn't care more....cause I can't keep up anymore....
All I can do is wait for you babe...
Wish you all the best :)
Watch you from your shadows ^^

What says you?

Monday, March 1, 2010

What is happening to me??!

Many things happened these few days...between me and her but I won't talk bout it cause these things are to keep as private & confidential...
With the little amount of sleep, I thought I can endure as I'm used to it but today is the first time it backfires me....
Must be because of the mental stresses and also what happened between **
I just lost myself....
I think I'm losing consciousness...when I was climbing up the stairs to my hostel, out of the sudden I lost my balance and my vision became blurry...I squatted down and closed my eyes...all I see was her :)

The first thing I did when I reached my room was lie down on my bed and space out staring at the wall...Was thinking about all the texts she texted me...sure is funny,happy and also lovely...I made a promise with her....Babe will you let me fulfill it when the time comes?

I browsed her facebook too just like usual...and you know what? She changed her status from single to in an open relationship with her friend(girl)...
I felt this heartache...tears filled my eyes...I just don't know what is happening....I wan her badly!!! I wan to be there for her always!! I wan to be useful to her...

Am I just a failure?
I really want to see her,call her,text her...She is everything for me now...
Right now...I just don't know how she feels for me all these time, did she check out my facebook as I did because some post are meant for her to read,and also did she read my blog like always?
Everything become blurry...
Everything become back to square one...
But I will not stop waiting for her cause of this small obstacles! I'm must stay strong!!! I'm strong enough for her to depend on me when she is down!!! I'm the best!!! RAWR!!!

This song I wanna dedicate to you babe...
please listen to it...

What says you?
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